Company History

INSTALMEC was founded in 1979 by Mr. Adriano Stocco as a provider of technical assistance and maintenance in different industrial sectors.
After some years the President decided to dedicate himself to the production of new systems and machines that would offer innovative technology solutions to the urgent market demands.

INSTALMEC is today leader in the production of wood recycling Plants, (and other plants and machines related to particle board, MDF, OSB panels and pellets). It can boasts nearly two decades of experience in this sector: indeed, from the 80s the limited availability and the high cost of virgin wood have pushed the producers to make use of recycled wood to produce panels for furniture, construction, packaging and many other new applications.

Today INSTALMEC can offer tailor made solutions according to its clients needs: from Plants completely managed by PLC which allows to accurately monitor the process, to changes to existing systems to improve their performance, to the supply of single machines.

INSTALMEC has always been very flexible to market needs and has very often introduced ideas and innovation in existing industrial processes.
INSTALMEC staff studies carefully each client request, designs the most effective solution, checks the quality of the production process, provides the installation and the mounting of the plant and the training of client personnel.